Welcome to the world of judo!

Judo is practiced by more than 100 million people in more than 200 countries worldwide. There are many reasons why judo is such a popular sport and activity.

  • Judo is an activity that is enjoyed by males and females of all ages.
  • Judo develops athletic qualities and skills from basic physical literacy to complex movement patterns and tactics.
  • Judo offers avenues of philosophical exploration for it is rooted in Japanese culture.
  • Judo is an excellent form of self defense; it also develops conflict management skills.
  • Judo is a sport which can be pursued towards Olympic glory.
  • Judo programs offer a safe and challenging environment in which each judoka can achieve his or her potential.

The Japanese word "Judo" literally means the "gentle way". Balance, timing, strategy and tactics, are essential characteristics of this sport and art. The objective in judo is to apply these principles to the many throwing and grappling techniques. Judo is both a fun and high-energy activity as well as a relaxing and calming exercise. The various movements and techniques can be learned with games and are perfected through practice with a partner.

In short, Judo has a wide range of appeal as a sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational pastime, a social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defense, and a way of life.

Values in Judo

One of the distinguishing aspects of judo is how its basic values and principles translate into a way of life. What is learned on the mat through hard judo training transfers at home, at school, at work or at play.

These values include:

  • playing by the rules
  • co-operating with others
  • respecting self and others
  • self-discipline and humility
  • self-confidence and commitment
  • perseverance and determination
  • concentrating and controlling emotions

About Seikidokan Judo Club

The Seikidokan Judo Club has been providing judo classes in North Vancouver for over 25 years. The head instructor (or Sensei) Hiroshi Nishi, is a well respected member of the judo community and former member of the Canadian National Judo Team. Classes are offered for juniors (8-13) and Seniors (14+) at our Edgemont Village location in North Vancouver and in Partnership with the Squamish First Nation at Chief Joe Mathias Centre. Beginners are welcome and members from other areas are welcome to join us for practice. Please email startjudo@gmail.com for further information.